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Tolino Vineyards

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Tolino Vineyards is a family owned and operated ten acre vineyard and winery located in Bangor PA, growing five varieties of grapes that are used to craft their artisanal wines. Tolino’s passion for winemaking grew out of agrarian roots, a strong Italian heritage and a love of spending time and sharing a glass of wine with family and friends.

After Carl Jr purchased the 76 acre farm at 280 Mount Pleasant Road he was looking for suggestions on uses for the land. Carl’s daughter thought that the hilly property with the beautiful views would be a perfect spot to grow grapes. The dream was born, and the hard work of planting a vineyard had begun. Carl and his four children are working together to continue to make their dream a reality.

Tolino Wines – The Selection: Something for Every Wine Lover

The unique terrain of the vineyard allows Tolino to grow a wide variety of grapes. They lovingly nurture the classic Vinifera and hybrid varieties of grapes to craft into wines that range from red to white, dry to sweet, fruity to peppery and everything in between.

  • Bold Dry Reds: Cabernet Franc, Papa’s Red and Chambourcin are traditional bold dry reds;
  • Dry White:  Chardonnay is oak aged, but still boasts fruit notes.; Pinot Grigio is dry with citrus notes;
  • Semi-sweet Whites: Vidal Blanc and Lilly are semi-sweet refreshing whites;
  • Rosé: Mama’s Rosé has hints of strawberry;
  • Dessert Wine: Sweet Frances is an ice style dessert wine.
  • Sweet and Fruity Wines:  Sunnyside, the050 and Magnolia were released under Tolino’s second label — Flicksville Fermentation Company.

Tolino Vineyards invites you to gather some friends and visit them at the Easton Public Market.  Pick up a meal from one of the local vendors, grab a seat at their bar and  relax with a glass of your favorite wine.

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Website: www.tolinovineyards.com
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Phone: 610-588-Wine

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