325 Northampton St., Easton Pa


Head Custodian
The Head Custodian maintains a clean and safe environment for staff and patrons of the Easton Public Market (EPM) and other GEDP properties, as directed by GEDP management. The Head Custodian performs all janitorial duties, including but not limited to, trash removal, and select maintenance in the EPM public areas as well as common and shared areas with vendors or GEDP staff, and at other GEDP properties as directed by GEDP management. The position also provides regular operational support at GEDP events, helps in maintaining and organizing GEDP equipment, and escalates EPM patron or vendor needs/concerns to supervisors.
Full time, non-exempt
Salaried with benefits
Must be able to work weekends, flexible schedule at times.
Reports to Operations and Facilities Manager
Email mike@eastonpartnership.org for more information