325 Northampton St., Easton Pa

About EPM

Easton Public Market

The Easton Public Market (EPM) is a project of the Greater Easton Development Partnership.  EPM is a community-supported market offering the personal service and superior quality of an old world grocery store, combined with a modern dining experience.  Featuring artisanal food vendors, a farm stand, demonstration kitchen, and community room, EPM serves as a vibrant gathering space for shopping, dining and learning.

EPM is an outgrowth of the Easton Farmers’ Market, America’s oldest, continuous open-air market since 1752. Together the Easton Public Market, Easton Farmers’ Market and West Ward Market comprise the Easton Market District, the center of Easton’s local food culture.

Easton Public Market
325 Northampton St
Easton, PA

Wednesday & Thursday: 9 am – 7 pm
Friday & Saturday: 9 am – 8 pm
Sunday:  9 am – 5 pm
* Individual hours may vary

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EPM Mission

Create a public space to engage our guests, feature local vendors and enrich our community.

EPM Vision

Develop a self-sustaining cultural and culinary hub that brings people together, supports a regional food culture, educates guests, inspires new ideas and drives the local economy.

EPM Values

  • Grassroots—We are locally sourced and passionate about supporting the small farms, food vendors, and passionate volunteers who serve our mission.
  • Sustainability— We strive to be self-supporting and to serve as responsible stewards of the valuable resources that are entrusted to us.
  • Hospitality—We find amazing ways to welcome all people from within our city and across our world. We introduce guests to new foods and products and new ways to think about shopping.
  • Connection—We are the meeting place for old friends and cultivator of new relationships between growers, chefs, home cooks and happy eaters. We create bonds between diverse people, world cuisines, regional tastes and personal health.
  • Transformation—We believe that connections to producers and products can transform the health of people and the health of a community.
  • Education—We help people learn to be healthier. We educate those interested in shopping local, cooking better and eating well. We demonstrate how to create a sustainable business for local vendors.
  • Inspiration—We encourage vendors to imagine what could be and inspire young entrepreneurs to bring new ideas to life.

EPM Goals

  • Promote economic vitality in Easton and across the region
  • Support local artisans and food purveyors
  • Cultivate a gathering place for people of all backgrounds
  • Enhance knowledge of food sources and nutrition through direct interaction between producers, vendors, chefs and consumers
  • Engage the public through private events, cooking demonstrations and classes
  • Incubate opportunities through new business