325 Northampton St., Easton Pa

KSAT 2021. A Walkabout Opening Reception

Wed 03/06/24 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Ed Shaughnessy
Edward Shaughnessy, a prominent contributor to the Easton community and a practicing attorney, engaged in a daily ritual of walking 1.75 miles along the Karl Stirner Art Trail in 2021, both for his personal well-being and to capture artistic photographs along the way. KSAT 2021 A Walkabout is a exhibition showcasing all 365 of Shaughnessy’s photographs, displayed on a monitor alongside a selection of prints meticulously crafted on premium-grade photo paper, available for acquisition at a modest price of $50 each. For those interested in purchasing images not yet printed, arrangements can be made accordingly.

Shaughnessy’s philanthropic gesture extends to donating 75% of the proceeds from sales to the Karl Stirner Arts Trail organization, with the remaining 25% allocated to support future art exhibitions at the Easton Public Market.

For ease of transaction, Venmo information is provided; purchasers are kindly requested to include the date displayed on the desired photograph when completing their transactions.