Highmark Farmstand

The Highmark Blue Shield Farmstand strives to provide our community with year round access to a wide variety of responsibly cultivated food. As an integral part of Easton’s downtown Market District, the farmstand works to strengthen our region’s food economy by working directly with small regional growers, connecting the public with growers, educators, and culinary professionals and engaging in ecologically sound business practices, while actively working to reduce food waste. The farmstand accepts Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Benefits and offer Double Snap in partnership with Greater Lehigh Valley Buy Fresh Buy Local. For more information please visit our Shop With EBT page.

A market within a market, the farmstand carries a full array of fresh produce: cooking greens, salad greens, roots, mushrooms, fruit, herbs, and microgreens; and other items for home cooking: fresh pastas, dried pastas, sauces, spreads, salts, pickled vegetables, kim chi, fruit butters, dried beans, flours, oats, groats, cornmeal, popcorn, ancient grains, dairy milk, raw milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, cream cheese, eggs, fresh mozzarella, frozen produce, frozen pizzas, soups, honey, maple syrup, potted plants, starter plants, bouquets, and cut flowers!  And watch for seasonal and holiday specialties.

Farmstand Operations Manager
email: wolf@eastonpartnership.org
Phone: 610.250.2072
Wed. – Sat. 9 am – 7 pm
Sun. 9 am – 5 pm

Highmark Blue Shield Farmstand Suppliers

Alderfer Eggs

Alderfer is a family owned farm, now run by 5th generation family farmers, that specializes in cage-free, organic and natural eggs. The home farm is located in southeastern Pennsylvania. They assure that their hens and chickens are able to roam from their pens and each house is designed to facilitate the bird’s natural behaviors. Alderfer Eggs is certified humane, giving their birds plenty of room and a clean environment to live in. The birds are fed with non-GMO feed free from hormones and antibiotics.

Website: http://alderfereggs.com

Apple Ridge Farm

Apple Ridge Farm is located in Saylorsburg, PA – owned and operated by Brian and Lisa Bruno. They offer certified naturally grown and hydroponic produce, pastured chicken, artisan breads and baked goods, handmade soap and more. Apple Ridge is a sustainable family farm. “In nature everything works together in harmony and we find the same is true in agriculture. The more diverse our farm becomes the better it runs. We carefully manage the pastures to feed the animals, the animals in turn help build and fertilize the soil which in turn feeds our vegetables, the leftover vegetables help feed the animals and the soil.

Website: www.appleridge.net

Apple Valley Creamery

Apple Valley Creamery is a small, family owned and operated business dedicated to reducing the amount of antibiotics, pesticides, and GMOs used on typical American farms. Ethically, Apple Valley treats their animals humanely with their Animal Welfare approved certification. Apple Valley Creamery is a farm that believes in buying locally sourced goods from farmers that you can meet on site, and processes that you can observe. Thanks to Sunrise milk, Apple Valley Creamery’s products can be delivered right to your doorstep if you live in the Central PA or southern Maryland area!

Website: www.applevalleycreamery.com

Be sure to check out the home delivery service provided by Sunrise Milk. http://www.sunrisemilk.com

Blooming Glen Farm

Tom Murtha and Tricia Borneman strive to be good stewards of the land by maintaining and enhancing soil, water and air quality through sustainable farming practices, and in 2014 Blooming Glen Farm became USDA Certified Organic. They encourage and support a small farm ecosystem of diverse plants, birds and pollinators. Crops are grown without synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or genetically modified organisms. They use compost, cover crops, mulching and crop rotation to encourage healthy soil and plants and to build long term fertility. Blooming Glen believes a healthy body is inseparable from a healthy soil. Offerings include a full array of heirloom vegetables, sweet corn, strawberries, melons and fresh-cut flowers.

Website: www.bloomingglenfarm.com

Buy The Farm

Known for their homemade sriracha collection, Buy the Farm is an Easton-based, small grassroots hot sauce operation. All of their sauces are made using as many locally-sourced ingredients as possible, and are made by hand in small batches. If you like it minty, peachy, or downright HOT, there’s a sriracha made especially for you.

Website: www.buythefarm.us

Castle Valley Mill

In the heart of Bucks County, Pennsylvania lies Castle Valley Mill. This historic site has been grinding grains since 1730, and has seen immense restoration through its years of operation. All of the Castle Valley Mill grains are non-GMO and most are grown locally in Pennsylvania. The grains are always shipped within the week, and their slow, cool milling techniques assure quality, fresh goods. Castle Valley Mill’s distributors include: Zone 7, Lancaster Farm Fresh, Common Market and Julius Silvert.

Web: http://castlevalleymill.com

Comeback Farm

Situated in the Musconetcong River Valley, NJ, farmers Mark Canright and Amy Hansen own and run Comeback Farm. Mark comes from a family with a history in farming, with his father having established the first organic farm in the state of NJ in 1974. Started in 2003, Comeback is a USDA Certified Organic farm, producing a diverse array of fruits and vegetables. Mark and Amy are in the process of creating a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture program) and began selling their produce at the Easton Winter Market in 2016.

Web: www.facebook.com/comebackfarm

Daisy Flour

The 100% organic Daisy flours are milled the old-fashioned way. Grown in Lancaster, PA, the grains are then processed into flours at the Annville Mill, which is thought to be the oldest of its kind having been in operation since 1740! Due to the special, small milling process, the integrity of the grains is maintained. Daisy Flour offers the following flours: All-purpose, bread, pastry, spelt, and Lancaster Red. Check out their website to learn more about the history of the mill along with the descriptions of each flour.

Website: http://www.daisyflour.com

Dutch Meadows

Ray Stoltzfus and family own and operate Dutch Meadows, a Pennsylvania Certified Organic dairy and meat farm in Paradise, Pennsylvania. All of Dutch Meadows’ cows are 100% grass fed, and produce milk which is bottled down the road from the farm. The Stoltzfus’ ensure that their animals receive humane treatment, plenty of fresh grass, and sunshine. They sell their dairy products and meats throughout the Lehigh Valley, and in Easton at Bolete, Porter’s Pub, and Two Rivers Brewing Company.

Easton Salsa Company

In 2007, Art Skrzenski took the advice of his friends and created Easton Salsa Company. He had been making fresh salsa for fun since the early 90’s and perfected his skills after a culinary pilgrimage to New Mexico. Easton Salsa Company strives to source the best local ingredients and supplies several downtown restaurants in addition to the Easton Public Market. You can also find him every Saturday at the Easton Farmer’s Market. In addition to numerous varieties of fresh salsa, Art makes hot sauce, Lime Garlic Tortilla chips and cream cheese products. When discussing his artisan food, Art says, “I don’t have fans, I have addicts.”

Website: http://eastonsalsa.co

Four Nature

Crafting health foods that are both unique and delicious, Four Nature uses natural ingredients as the basis for all their homemade, healthy snacks. While the Four Nature business is located in Bethlehem, Pa, the employees are passionate about travel. Through these experiences abroad, the team has gained an appreciated for healthy and creative food combinations from around the world, serving as the inspiration for their products. From Kimchi to nutty energy bites, Four Nature serves up snacks made from the best ingredients nature has to offer.

Website: http://fournature.com/

Jett’s Produce

Thadeus Jett has made it his priority to build up the soil naturally and safely. He started farming using chemical-free methods in 2006 and has since learned how to farm with more than 20 different micro nutrients. Farmer Thad grows produce 52 weeks a year using high tunnels. His main concern in all seasons is growing the highest quality, nutrient dense food to nourish your body and soul.

Web: www.facebook.com/jettsproduce

Josie Porter Farms

Over the past few years Josie Porter Farm – own and run by Heidi Secord and her husband Gary Bloss – diversified their farm operation to include a “Buying Club” to their Cherry Valley multi-farm CSA. The Josie Porter Farm is actively working with a number of other small family farms, who share values regarding clean agricultural practices, within our regional foodshed to insure the highest quality and widest variety of chemical-free and certified organically grown fruits and vegetables. Variety and choice has been expanded through this collaboration and augments the notion of providing healthy, sustainable food.

Website: www.josieporterfarm.com

Kirchenberg Farm

Located in Fleetwood, Pennsylvania, John Zimmerman and his family own 36 acres of lush pasture the provides a home for their over 200 goats. The goats are kept in a clean living environment with plenty of room to roam around the rolling hills of PA. Local feed free of GMOs and soy is used to ensure healthy, quality dairy products. Kirchenberg Farm – with the help of their many goats – sells raw goat milk, cheese, butter, kefir and yogurt!

Klein Farms

Located right here in Easton, Klein Farms is a family owned and operated dairy farm that has been in the business since 1935. Third generation farmers Layne and Beth Klein run the farm with a sustainable mindset practicing more natural farming techniques. Visiting the farm, customers can see just how their food is grown. Klein farms serves as an educational center demonstrating to visitors the importance of buying local and sustainable goods. Today, Klein Farms is proud to offer raw milk, gourmet cheeses, eggs, farm-raised beef, and as of this summer, homemade ice cream!

Website: http://kleinfarms.com


Kriemhild Dairy Farms (pronounced “cream-hild”) is nestled in the idyllic rolling hills of Madison County, NY. Co-owners Lindsey Jakubowski, Bruce Rivington and Nancy Rivington rotationally graze their mixed breed herd on pasture, regenerating soil and sequestering carbon while producing delicious dairy products high in beneficial Omega 3s and CLAs. The Farmstand proudly carries Kriemhild’s Creme Fraiche and signature Meadow Butter.

Website: http://www.kriemhilddairy.com/

Lakeside Maple

Specializing in crafting the finest trail mix, Lakeside Maple offers a flavorful snack balanced perfectly with sweet, salt and sustenance. Filled with the highest quality almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, maple syrup, kosher salt and dried cranberries, Mark’s mix is an ideal companion while hiking, snowboarding, camping and of course while doing schoolwork. All mixes – Original, Ginger Chai, and Spicy – are naturally gluten free, vegan and never made with any artificial ingredients or GMO’s.

Website: http://lakesidemaple.com

Lemon Tree Lane Kitchen

Owner & happy cook, Heidi Mellon, offers all natural Homemade Pastas & Sauces. Also a wide variety of seasonal Salads, Soups, Tapenades, Bruschettas, Dips, Pot Pies and other items. She strongly believes in supporting local organic farmers as much as possible all year round. “Good food makes people happy & makes wonderful memories”

Web: www.facebook.com/Lemon-Tree-Lane-Kitchen

Locktown Farm

After years of interning and working on farms in Hawaii and California Chris Whitney decided to move back to his home state of New Jersey to start Locktown Farm. The farm is located on 11 acres of land, with 1 acre currently dedicated to the vegetable growing. The property was never previously a farm, and the soil has been spared from GMO corn and soy growing that has plagued so much land in Hunterdon. Chris never sprays any pesticides or herbicides even if those pesticides are organic approved and grows in permanent beds, allowing the soil structure to stay intact. In addition to selling and interacting in the community at multiple farmers markets in Hunterdon and Bucks counties Chris’s products can also be found at cafes and restaurants throughout the area.

Website: http://www.locktownfarm.com

Maine Grains

Maine Grains is working revive the old New England tradition of growing grains and making them available and affordable for their community and beyond. Through the use of slow milling, Maine Grains maintains the natural content of the grain. Located in Skowhegan, Maine, Maine Grains sources natural food stores, co-ops, artisan bakeries, and farm to table restaurants across the east coast. They are looking into the future to source grocery stores in the surrounding area as well!

Website: http://mainegrains.com

Maplehofe Dairy

Located in Quarryville, Pa, Lancaster County…. Maplehofe Dairy is a quality milk producer in business since 1974. Their milk comes from fine Holstein dairy cows raised on the farm. Maplehofe Dairy processes their own milk, which is both pasteurized and homogenized.

Natural by Nature

With health and sustainability held to a high standard, Natural By Nature was created by Ned MacArthur in 1994 when he was frustrated by big industry farms that couldn’t provide customers with organic milk. Now, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Ned and his team have created an environmentally-friendly process for the production, processing, packaging, and transportation of grass-fed organic milk. Natural By Nature now supports over 25 family-owned farms helping to provide customers with organic goods while maintaining the sustainable use of natural resources.

Website: http://www.natural-by-nature.com

Peace Tree Farm

After years of cultivation and creativity, Peace Tree Farm has directed its aim towards propagating unique and unusual plants. With the use of environmentally sustainable growing techniques, Peace Tree Farm is one of the first ever certified organic greenhouse companies, located in the countryside of Bucks County, PA. Peace Tree Farms is proud to announce their plants have been displayed at Longwood Gardens, Chanticleer, New York Botanical Gardens, the National Arboretum, the National Botanical Garden, and the Smithsonian.

Website: www.peacetreefarm.com

Peacefuel Nutrition

“Taste the Sweet Difference.” Peacefuel Nutrition offers local raw unfiltered wildflower honey. When compared to many other regional honeys, this wildflower honey wins hands down for both flavor and smooth texture. But it’s not just the flavor that is important; Peacefuel Nutrition also promotes the health benefits inherent to raw honey. Widely considered a curative, raw honey is both antibacterial and antifungal. Learn more here about its versatile uses: http://peacefuelnutritionllc.com/p/raw-honey-facts.

Be sure to also check out their extended line of raw honey blends – Ceylon Cinnamon, Organic Pecan, and Organic Walnut – all available at the Farmstand and perfect for toppings, spreads, or a quick pick-me-up!

Website: http://peacefuelnutritionllc.com

Pheasant Hill Farm

George and Melanie DeVault have grown chemical-free produce (mostly heirloom varieties) since 1975. They’ve kept things small to focus on quality — growing everything from arugula to zinnias, with chemical-free blueberries, raspberries, heirloom tomatoes, greens and flowers taking top billing. Melanie focuses on specialty cut flower bouquets, and starting hundreds of seed varieties, mostly heirloom, in their many high tunnels. George fixes, builds, plants, picks and manages a hundred other myriad chores. They’re life members of the Pennsylvania Association of Sustainable Agriculture (George was a two-term director) and Melanie is a member of the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers. George is also on the board of directors of Seed Savers Exchange, where he previously served as executive director, dedicated to preserving heirloom varieties.

Web: www.facebook.com/PheasantHillFarm

Philos Farm

Philos Farm is a diversified, Certified Organic vegetable farm in its first year. The farm is located on seven acres in Schnecksville, PA and serves the people of the Lehigh Valley through farmers markets, restaurant partnerships, and an on-site farm market. Collectively founded, owned and operated, Joseph and Gina strive to demonstrate a culture of cooperation through the cultivation of resilient relationships, local economy and ecological agricultural practices. Through soil-centered, regenerative growing techniques, they focus on producing the highest-quality food possible, mindfully and transparently, so to provide their friends and neighbors easy access to food they can once again trust.

Website: http://www.philosfarm.com

Pickle Licious

Pickle Licious is a small ‘Mom & Pop’ business located in Teaneck, New Jersey, run by Robyn, Ray, and two daughters Alex and Taylor. Specializing in pickles, olives, pickled condiments, relishes, and olive tapenades, made in small batches all with a New York style flare. Robyn has been in the pickle business for over twenty-four years, selling at farmers’ markets, street fairs and festivals in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut. Pickle Licious was voted Best Specialty Food Shop by 201 Magazine in 2015.
Website: https://picklelicious.com

Primordia Mushroom Farm

Jesse Tobin and Matthew Sicher own and operate one of the few small, independent mushroom growers remaining in Pennsylvania. Using natural growing methods, they produce Shitake, Trumpet, Blue, Grey and Pink Oyster, Lion’s Mane and other mushroom varieties. In addition to selling at farmers’ markets, they sell to fine restaurants throughout the Lehigh Valley, Philadelphia and New York City.

Web: www.facebook.com/Primordia-Farm

Red Cat Farm

Settled in Lehigh County, PA, owners Teena and Michael Bailey own and operate Red Cat Farm. Red Cat, started in 1992, is a diversified farm which follows organic practices, but is not certified by the USDA. In 2011 the Bailey’s began to grow a few rows of heritage wheat among the vegetables, and those few rows have grown into acres on rented land in the Germansville area. Improving soil fertility and biology each year is a goal for their own farm but also for the land they rent. Aside from selling their produce, flour and grains throughout the Lehigh Valley, the Bailey’s also host on-farm educational field days in conjunction with Cooperative Extension or Pennsylvania Association of Sustainable Agriculture (PASA).

Web: www.facebook.com/redcatfarmwheat


Saltopia Artisan Infused Sea Salts is owned by Kimarie Santiago and based in Long Valley, NJ. Saltopia uses only naturally harvested sea salts from all over the world. They currently have established salt harvesting farms in all seven continents and import about 28 different types of salts. All of their flavors are unrefined and pure as Mother Nature intended, without chemicals added such as bleach, anti-caking agents, or pouring agents. An important part of the company is to support sustainability by hand selecting fresh, organic produce from local farms to create theif flavors. Each flavor infusion is produced in small batches under 50 pounds to ensure the flavor and salt combination is perfected.

Website: www.saltopiasalts.com

Salvaterra’s Garden

Salvaterra’s Gardens is a family-owned business that grows over 100 different varieties of high quality chemical-free vegetables. Started in 2008 as a small urban garden located in Allentown, Salvaterra’s is now located in Alburtis where they specialize in growing an exceptionally wide selection of high quality produce. They combine the use of 1800′s Parisian-style gardening techniques with 21st century farming techniques to conserve resources while generating a high yield. Salvaterra’s Gardens’ produce is grown almost entirely by hand without the use of heavy equipment, synthetic pesticides, chemical fertilizers, herbicides or genetically modified organisms.

Website: www.salvaterrasgardens.com

Scholl Orchards

Since 1948 folks have been coming to Scholl Orchards, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, for their superior home grown fruits. The Scholl Family offers its customers fresh, hand-picked peaches, nectarines, pears, apples, plums, sour cherries and cider. Scholl’s practices Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and strives to grow the highest quality, best-tasting fruit imaginable. They also offer a variety of vegetables, melons, pumpkins and gourds.


Seed Farm

Growing the next generation of farmers, the Seed Farm is an Emmaus, PA based non-profit organization that provides training for new and aspiring farmers in the Lehigh Valley area. The Seed farm is also a fully functioning farm in it’s own right, offering a diverse array of chemical free produce. Visit the Seed Farm website to learn more about their farmer training program, workshops, and other on-farm events like their annual Farm Ride and Run.

Website: http://www.theseedfarm.org/

Stagecoach Apiaries

Stagecoach Apiaries is run entirely by one man, Peter Sliwka. A construction and industrial worker for decades, Peter turned his hobby of beekeeping into a profession. For years he has been providing his Lehigh Valley customers with what is arguably the finest honey in Pennsylvania. Peter maintains hives in areas around east and northeast Pennsylvania, as well as southeast and central New York. His bees live in sparsely populated areas, away from herbicides and insecticides. Peter says that this distance from chemicals improves both the quality and quantity of his honey: A completely untreated, raw product brimming with notes of linden and wildflower from the forests and fields of our region!

Stone’s Throw Garden

Stone’s Throw Garden sits on land with a rich farming history of over 200 years. For over 15 years Nora Pugliese has been growing chemical free flowers and vegetables for her local community. Supporting a naturally balanced, healthy ecosystem, above and below ground is the foremost principle of Stone’s Throw Garden. No synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers are ever used. Most farming is done by hand with little use of farm machinery. Organic matter and fertility are built through the use of compost and cover crops. Improving soil health grows beautiful, healthy plants, animals and vibrant communities.

Website: stonesthrowgarden.com

Twin Maple Farms

Twin Maple Farms is a third and fourth generation potato, vegetable, and grain farm owned and operated by the Hunsicker family. Garry Hunsicker’s mission at Twin Maple Farms is to preserve the farm in memory of the families of his grandfather Earl and his father Ray. Without their foresight, hard work, and perseverance Twin Maple Farms would not have survived. We plan to do this by keeping Twin Maple Farms a self-sustaining farm through hard work, modern farm practices, and offering quality products.

Website: twinmaplefarmspa.com

Highmark Blue Shield Farmstand Distributors

Regional Access

A community-oriented, grassroots company, Regional Access was built on a vision of providing ecologically responsible, locally grown food in Upstate New York. From humble beginnings in founder Gary Redmond’s garage to their current spacious modern warehouse, the company has flourished over the last 24 years, helping to redefine regional food systems and pave the way for a myriad array of new businesses and social efforts focused on improving and developing more sustainable food connections.

Web: regionalaccess.net

Zone 7

Zone 7 is a New Jersey-based, 100% local farm fresh food distributor. They deliver daily to restaurants, grocers, schools and source only the best, highest quality ingredients from regional farms 52 weeks a year. Zone 7’s goal is to keep the connection alive between farmer and customer. They do so by working with 120+ sustainable farms and 300+ restaurants, schools, grocers, and more to make this a reality.

Web: freshfromzone7.com

Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative

LFFC is a non-profit organic farmer’s cooperative of over 100 family farmers headquartered in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. They focus on creating healthy high quality foods from highly maintained and enriched soils on small-scale family farms. The produce sold through LFFC is certified organic unless otherwise noted. LFFC supports farmers that are looking to make their farms sustainable. When you purchase LFFC products you can be confident that you will receive the freshest farm products, raised humanely, with consideration for the land, animals and people.

Web: lancasterfarmfresh.com

Common Market

Common Market connects wholesale customers to farmers in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware by marketing and distributing good food to schools, hospitals, grocers and workplaces. Common Market aggregates food in their warehouse from about 75 regional producers and deliver 6 days a week to almost 150 public and private schools, colleges and universities, hospitals, workplaces, grocery stores, nonprofits and faith institutions throughout the Delaware Valley. As a mission-driven enterprise, Common Market seeks to provide nutritious, affordable, locally grown food to all, including our most vulnerable communities.

Web: commonmarketphila.org

Four Seasons (USDA Organic line)

Four Seasons Produce, Inc. is a full-service wholesale produce distributor supplying Organic, Local and Conventional fresh produce and related products to Organic Markets, Food Co-Ops, Independent Retailers, Chain Stores, Juice Bars and other produce buyers in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions.

Web: www.fsproduce.com



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