Dundore and Heister

Long before ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ became trendy, Berks County embodied farm to table. Local butchers were a vital part of that way of life and were always considered trusted neighbors. Their shops offered a sense of community where customers felt welcome and they came to appreciate the skill and expertise of true craftsmen. In stark contrast to today’s sterile, faceless, supermarket experience, Dundore & Heister offers local, pasture-raised and organic meats in a unique, wholesome, and inviting environment reminiscent of a bygone era.

Our butchers, trained at the prestigious Fleisher’s Meats in New York, provide a level of service and competence that is second to none in our region. Our service harkens back to a simpler time when the Pennsylvania Dutch heritage of butchery was widely known and appreciated. Dundore & Heister holds the skill and knowledge of the local butcher in the highest regard. We pay tribute to their legacy of nose-to-tail thrift, and honor the timeless tradition of connecting proud and hard-working farmers to their communities without pretense.

Customers shopping at Dundore & Heister know that they are eating the highest quality, locally raised, antibiotic and hormone free meats available. Our customers trust that they can turn to D&H when they aren’t sure which cut to buy, how much to serve, or what preparation is best – whether for their family dinner or a grand holiday celebration.

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