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August 30 - September 05
  • 30
    Sun 08/30/20
    No events
  • 31
    Mon 08/31/20
    No events
  • 01
    Tue 09/01/20
    No events
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    Wed 09/02/20
    No events
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    Thu 09/03/20
    No events
  • 04
    Fri 09/04/20

    Hannah Violet: Folk / Country / Rock

    5:00 PM-7:00 PM
    Fri 09/04/20

    Friday, September 4th, 5-7 pm / Free / EPM Church Street Entrance

    Hannah Violet, a native Berks County Folk/Country/Rock singer, musician and songwriter has become a successful solo performer, studio musician and band-leader, in addition to a career as a Hospice Board-Certified Music Therapist. Hannah has sung, played guitar and fiddle through out Nashville Tennessee, Pennsylvania and surrounding states. She has made a positive name for herself with her passion, range of style, professionalism, talent, and has lead the “Hannah Violet Trio” for 6 years. Hannah released a CD of 14 original tracks, and a music video shot in Las Vegas in 2015 titled “Violet Sky.”

    Bring the kids, grab some grub and relax while enjoying EPM’s Acoustic Kitchen 2020 comeback.

  • 05
    Sat 09/05/20
    No events