Book & Puppet Co.

Book & Puppet @ Easton Public Market is a bookselling kiosk serving foodies of all ages. They offer a wide selection including bestselling and discounted cookbooks, celebrity-chef memoirs, cocktail recipe manuals and kids’ cookbooks, along with food, farm, and garden-themed baby books and storybooks.

Book & Puppet Company’s flagship store is located one block west of Easton Public Market. There, at 466 Northampton Street, — a full-sized, family-owned book and gift store with an in-house puppet theater.   The full-sized store is jam-packed with children’s books, graphic novels, puppets, art supplies, games, musical toys, cards and stationery, discount books, and hilarious novelties that will keep you laughing as you browse the unique merchandise that has been lovingly selected to delight and surprise you.


Hours @ Easton Public Market
Friday & Saturday Only:  12-5 pm